I wholeheartedly recommend Superior Contracting Group, Inc. (Mr. & Ms. Franklin) as a provider of Building Maintenance, Construction, and Security Armed and Unarmed Services.
Superior Contracting Group, Inc. has a take-charge attitude and subtle-yet-confident approach that resulted in the Franklins being immediately embraced by our procurement department when we first engaged their services in 1999.
The Franklins possess the rare skill of being able to communicate ideas, technical information, accurately explain blueprints and their associated benefits effectively, which in our case resulted in full buy-in from us to be 100% comfortable representing the quality of their services. Simply put, they successfully complete the contract specifications.
During the twenty plus years our firm has provided procurement and business management services with Superior Contracting Group, Inc., we have always had confidence that the project specifications will be done accurately and on time. We are convinced that Superior Contracting Group, Inc. achievements are largely a result of management/owner’s character, honesty and quality of the services they provide. Doing business with Superior Contracting Group, Inc. is worth every penny.
Please do not hesitate to follow up if I can answer any questions about Superior Contracting Group, Inc. (Mr. & Mrs. Franklin) and their skills.